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Huawei P20 Lite review

In the event that the Huawei P20 and the Huawei P20 Pro were intended to blend with cell phone sovereignty, at that point the Huawei P20 Lite is down there rejecting with the white collar classes.

At a cost of £330 (around $456/AU$581 – however don't hope to discover it broadly accessible in the US), the P20 Lite is generally a large portion of the cost of the Huawei P20, and checks any semblance of the Moto Z2 Play as an immediate opponent.

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Much the same as that other mid-officer, Huawei's telephone endeavors to stream down a tad bit of the charm and panache from higher up the range. Regardless of its lower sticker price, the P20 Lite holds the prevailing edge-to-edge show and particular indent of its huge siblings.

Add to that a double focal point camera, a fast unique mark scanner and Android 8.0, and the Huawei P20 Lite begins to look a ton like a middleweight contender for the new edge-to-edge age.

While it's a strong exertion from one of the world's greatest producers, notwithstanding, there are a couple of remarkable deficits that may influence you to address whether it genuinely offers some benefit for cash.

Dropping down a score

Games fast face acknowledgment

An in vogue all-screen look

You could state that the fundamental motivation behind any 'Lite' telephone is to give an unpleasant guess of the lead at a more open value point. It should be promptly identifiable as a major aspect of the family, yet savvy about where it compromises to come in under spending plan.

Generally, the Huawei P20 Lite meets that brief with a decent lot of style.

To be sure, style is the agent word here. Each of the three P20 telephones speak to an outline flight for the Chinese brand after the brilliant however modest Huawei P10.

Much the same as whatever is left of the cell phone world, Huawei has changed to an all-screen plan logic. The P20 Lite has a moderately little jaw, insignificant side bezels, and a cut-out score at the highest point of the show containing the front camera and earpiece.

With regards to the undeniable obligation it owes to the iPhone X (more on which in the following segment), the Huawei P20 Lite can utilize the camera sensors put away in that indent to peruse your face and open your telephone.

While Face Unlock appears to work rapidly and precisely (even in pitch dull conditions, not at all like other Face ID wannabes) it doesn't appear to be as cutting edge or secure as Apple's answer.

As confirmation of this, Face Unlock is turned off as a matter of course, and you need to angle through the menus to physically switch it on. The way it checks your face in a flash in the set-up stages additionally proposes that it isn't really getting a nitty gritty 3D guide of your face like Face ID.

All things considered, there's no denying Huawei's answer works rapidly to open the telephone. Set the P20 Lite to wake when you lift it up, and you won't need to consider opening it by any means.

In case you're utilizing the telephone for business utilization, or wish to guarantee the most extreme levels of security, you should need to stay with the default unique finger impression sensor.


Indent looks a considerable measure like the P20 (and the iPhone X)

A metal and glass fabricate

As we've just specified, Huawei has adopted a crisp strategy to plan with the P20 family. It's not hard to detect the proceeded with impact Apple has over the producer's work, nonetheless.

Much the same as its siblings, the Huawei P20 Lite is in thrall to the iPhone X. It has a fundamentally the same as impression and shape, and obviously there's that natural indent eating into the best edge of the sweeping presentation.


The indent itself is a great deal smaller than the iPhone proportionate, without a doubt attributable to the less propelled front camera exhibit we examined previously. It's somewhat more extensive than the Essential Phone's score, however.

In one regard, the P20 Lite is considerably nearer to the iPhone X outline than its huge siblings are, because of the exclusion of a front-mounted unique mark sensor. Inquisitively, this has been moved to a more general (for Android) position on the back.

This isn't to imply that that the P20 Lite has utilized the additional space especially shrewdly. There's as yet a perceptible jaw underneath the show, with a Huawei image situated there set up of a catch.

With regards to day by day utilize, the back unique mark sensor is a decent one. It let us in way a larger number of times than it kept us out, and in super-snappy time at that. It wasn't as finicky about finger situating as some lesser telephones keep on being either.

The P20 Lite's metal edge is not a huge deal. It has a matt complete and a somewhat inquisitive match of edges running about the outside, which really joined to influence us to think it was made of plastic until the point that we felt its cool touch.

In any case, the telephone feels decent and premium in the hand inferable from its all-glass and metal make-up. It's a disgrace the side catches feel so plasticky and unexceptional, yet these are the kind of minor alternate routes that can consolidate to shave pounds off the last cost.

Discussing shaving pounds, the Huawei P20 Lite tips the scales at a moderately meager 145g. With measurements set at a unimportant 148.6 x 71.2 x 7.4mm, it truly is an especially pocketable bit of unit.


1080 x 2280 determination

Notwithstanding its little size, the Huawei P20 Lite figures out how to pack in a 5.84-inch show, on account of the entire edge-to-edge approach. This shows itself in a fairly irregular 19:9 viewpoint proportion.

While this makes for an amazing canvas while flicking through the home screen and local applications, it appears to have minimal handy utilize. Numerous applications remain unoptimised for this sort of show, with Android justifiably slower in receiving scored shows than iOS.

Diversions aren't generally completely improved for this sort of show, either. One of the greatest arrivals of late circumstances, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, showed peculiar visual ancient rarities when pushing it into full screen.

In any case, the show itself is proficient and alluring. It's a LTPS TFT, which implies that it's sharp and exact despite the fact that it does not have the complexity and punch of an AMOLED.

A more perceptible disadvantage of not having an AMOLED show comes on the off chance that you truly can't stand that indent, and select to conceal it in the choices menu. With the AMOLED-pressing Huawei P20 Pro, this choice would make the indent everything except vanish. Here (as with the P20) you can plainly observe that they're only 'dark' areas of screen to one side and right of the score.

Something else the P20 Lite show imparts to the P20 is determination. While lead Android telephones regularly go for QHD resolutions, the Huawei P20 ran with 1080 x 2240, and didn't endure remotely. The P20 Lite takes action accordingly with a 1080 x 2280 screen, and beyond any doubt enough it's bounty sufficiently sharp for basically all assignments.

Battery life

The Huawei P20 Lite packs a 3,000mAh battery, which is about typical for a telephone of this spec. It's the same as the correspondingly prepared Honor 9 Lite, with typically comparable outcomes.

This implies light clients will have the capacity to get shockingly far into a moment day of utilization before feeling the squeeze, while direct clients won't have to sweat about coming up short on juice between sleep times.

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In our standard pressure test, which involves playing a hour and a half circled video with the screen splendor wrenched up to full, the Huawei P20 Lite reliably lost 17% of its energy.

That beats the Moto G6 on 21%, however it misses the mark regarding the Moto Z2 Play (ostensibly a more straightforward adversary) which lost only 10%. It's entirely tolerable yet nothing to rave about, at the end of the day.

The telephone's battery confronts 3D gaming about and expected, as well. We found that 15 minutes of supported Guns of Boom play depleted 6% of its vitality, which is about typical.

Energizing is apparently quick, be that as it may. We found that the telephone zoomed from 38% energy to 79% in only 30 minutes.

Huawei likewise gives a broad suite of advancement apparatuses that assistance you calibrate your setup, homing in on control hungry applications and propensities. Regardless of whether you are attempting to endure a day, there are things you can do about it - including two power sparing modes and the capacity to drop the screen determination.


16MP + 2MP camera empowers bokeh-modifying wide opening mode

AR focal point gives you a chance to apply senseless facial impacts

You don't get a similar feature AI camera mode as the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro with the Huawei P20 Lite, so you're simply must choose the ideal settings for shooting your feline for yourself.

In truth, the last was a genuinely gimmicky element of the leader models (low light shooting aside), so it's no extraordinary misfortune. Much more definitely felt is the inescapable minimization profoundly camera tech. It isn't anyplace close as skilled a snapper as its enormous siblings.

Huawei has outfitted the P20 Lite with a double camera setup, similar to the P20. As previously, the 2MP auxiliary focal point is absolutely there to help the 16MP essential focal point with additional profundity data, to a great extent for the included wide gap mode.

Much the same as with the Honor 9 Lite and the Honor 7X, wide gap mode gives you a chance to alter the level of the bokeh impact on your photographs after they've been taken, between f/0.95 and f/16.

It's conceivable to get some pleasant obscured foundation impacts with this, however in down to earth terms you likely wouldn't have any desire to choose the lower end of the range with huge numbers of your shots. It's simply excessively forceful and fake looking.

As a rule utilize you won't generally see the second focal point continuing on ahead. To all goals and purposes, this is a genuinely normal camera that can for the most part be depended upon to get you usable pictures in not too bad lighting.

There are maybe a couple peculiarities be that as it may, for example, an abnormal propensity to overexpose and support hues to a fairly counterfeit degree in quit for the day.

It's a disgrace that you need to physically initiate HDR mode in the settings menu. In any case, we observed HDR mode itself to be commendably controlled, delicately offsetting extremes of shade and light just when totally important.

Booting up the camera isn't the quick issue you have a tendency to get with leader telephones, however nor does it take excessively long. As a matter of fact taking shots is a wonderfully smart ordeal, with none of the screen slack you can get with section level handsets.

Low light conditions, as ever, are the place this widely appealing camera comes somewhat unstuck. You'll get a lot of clamor and poor concentration in numerous inside shots, and in addition Huawei's bothering guideline to keep your telephone still while it hones the picture.


Far from the typical photographic settings - including a Pro mode for calibrating every individual setting - there's a committed AR focal point mode. This naturally sticks senseless overlays onto the characteristics of you or your companions. Think bunny ears, little cat ears, cherish heart cheeks - all the typical adorable stuff. In the case of nothing else, it's a further case of how strong Huawei's face-following programming is.

You additionally get a Watermark mode, which stamps each picture with its area and time in a polished textual style, and a Document filter mode that will rapidly find and adjust content for brisk record keeping.

Around front you get the sort of 16MP camera that never appears to be very as sharp as the megapixel check would recommend. As usual, we'd suggest deactivating or possibly diminishing the bizarre Beauty setting, which smooths out your skin to a barbaric degree.

Interface and unwavering quality

EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8.0

Not pretty but rather quick and useful

Normal Huawei bloatware

The Huawei P20 Lite keeps running on Android 8.0, which isn't the extremely most recent variant of Google's OS, yet it's the most recent significant discharge. Obviously, the exact rendition of Android matters significantly less with Huawei telephones, on account of EMUI.

That is the name Huawei provides for its own particular custom UI skin, which sits over Android like a pimped up kid racer frame sits over a consummately respectable auto.

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To be reasonable, EMUI 8.0 isn't the most exceedingly bad Android skin in the business. It's sensibly liquid and falter free, it's anything but difficult to disentangle, and its menus and draw down notice screen don't go astray too a long way from the standards laid out by Google in any case.

The great Android application cabinet is debilitated as a matter of course with EMUI, which is one of numerous highlights Huawei has obtained from iOS. In spite of the fact that not at all like iOS an application cabinet can be empowered here.

A more helpful iOS-like component is an all inclusive hunt work, got to by dragging down from the center of a home screen. You can look for applications, contacts, messages, timetable sections and so forth along these lines.

The drawback of EMUI on the Huawei P20 Lite is that it remains a genuinely terrible, tactless interface contrasted with stock Android and iOS. From the custom application symbols and menus to the shoddy looking subjects with which you can modify the look of your home screen, it's all only a score or two underneath tasteful.

At that point there's the bloatware, with home-fermented applications for Video, Music, Health, Calendar, and twelve or so Tools - a large number of which go about as substandard copies to Google's own particular application arrangement.

Luckily there's dependably the Google Play Store, which can be swung to for prevalent application counterparts and without a doubt totally crisp launchers. In the interim EMUI itself is, if nothing else, sensibly customisable - so you can reestablish that application cabinet in the event that you so wish, for instance.

You can likewise tweak how you like your virtual charge keys to look and work, which should make it simpler to adjust in case you're originating from another Android telephone mark.

Motion pictures, music and gaming

Most media doesn't make utilization of more extensive screen

Earphone jack and one disappointing speaker

64GB of capacity and microSD up to 256GB

With this original of indented cell phones, one of the primary inquiries we ask is the means by which well media content plays with it. Indeed, even the iPhone X keeps on having issues in this division, all things considered.

We've just said that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition hurls some off-screen ancient rarities when you compel it full screen. Be that as it may, with most different recreations the impact isn't excessively tricky.

As a rule Huawei just kicks in the rough yet compelling dark bar impact, basically imagining that the space either side of the indent doesn't exist. PUBG, Bullet Hell Monday, Fancy Pants Adventure, Data Wing, Oceanhorn, NOVA Legacy, Guns of Boom, and Super Mario Run all worked thusly amid our testing. No amusement made full utilization of the screen, be that as it may.

On the video front, Netflix receives an indistinguishable approach from those previously mentioned diversions, while Youtube plays recordings in their local 16:9 frame factor with significantly thicker dark fringes.

Backpedaling to Netflix bolster, as with all Huawei telephones Netflix HD playback isn't upheld, which implies that you don't get full an incentive from that fresh FHD+ screen.

This is a shockingly regular wonder with Android telephones, and may give adequate motivation to versatile motion picture buffs to pick a handset with a more standard (i.e. Qualcomm) chipset.


With regards to sound, the Huawei P20 Lite is a blended sack. On the negative side, you get a solitary speaker which is totally ailing in bass. It's sufficiently reasonable, however there's a particularly uneven tinniness to the sound.

On a more positive note, there's a 3.5mm earphone jack here, which is more than can be said for either the Huawei P20 or the Huawei P20 Pro.

All the more for the most part, you get a sound 64GB of interior stockpiling here, which is useful for a lot of media. In the event that that is insufficient, there's microSD card bolster for up to 256GB.

Specs and benchmark execution

Kirin 659 CPU underpowered at this cost

4GB of RAM makes for smooth route

Our Huawei P20 Lite ran flawlessly sufficiently amid the trial, however we would have sought after additional from a £329 telephone.

The Kirin 659 chipset that Huawei has run with here is an unmistakably average chip. To be sure, it's the same chipset that powers the Honor 9 Lite and the Honor 7X, both of which are altogether less expensive.

It's consummately equipped for running Android 8.0 easily - particularly joined with 4GB of RAM - and you won't see any critical falters when utilizing the unique mark scanner or booting up the camera.

Gaming execution is unmistakably disappointing, in any case. Into the Dead 2 ran absolute languidly, while rounds of Guns of Boom began in faltering style before night out. PUBG Mobile, then, defaults to low graphical settings on the P20 Lite, which is a touch of a blemish.

That is just not adequate at a telephone of this cost. At the danger of utilizing Huawei's spending sub-mark as a stick to beat it with, you can get the Honor 9 for less cash nowadays, and that telephone is fundamentally speedier.

This is went down by icy hard benchmarking actualities. In our Geekbench 4 tests, the Huawei P20 Lite scored a normal of 3,655 in the multi-center fragment. The Honor 9 scored 6,633, while even spending champs the Moto G6 and Moto G5S Plus scored 3,807 and 4,312 individually.


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