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Beats vs Bose Speaker

Two of the most regarded sound brands Beats and Bose are outstanding for their earphones. We as a whole think about the Beats Solo HD and obviously the clamor dropping heavyweight Bose QuietComfort 35 II. Anyway with regards to the speakers the vast majority of us are just comfortable with what Bose brings to the table. Particularly with their home theater framework set ups they certainly overwhelm that market. Try not to mull over Beats however as they are certainly real contenders with their Beats Pill models. Despite the fact that Bose has some more varieties to look over the Beats Pill + truly holds it's own particular against them. We chose to investigate Beats versus Bose speaker alternatives available at the present time and how they stack up against each other. Specifically we'll be taking a gander at the Soundlink Color 2 as that is extraordinary compared to other offering Bose speakers available at the present time.
Beats vs Bose Speaker

Beats versus Bose Speaker Systems – Which Is Better?

As we said before, we'll take a gander at the main 2 models from each brand. Ideally we can give you enough research and data to figure out which one is better for you. You'll need to consider two or three key elements like their distinction in size and weight, and by and large development. Above all the sort of sound quality you want is similarly essential. Maybe you need more bass reaction, or perhaps you appreciate EQ tweaking highlights. Regardless of whether it's an in home listening framework or only a little compact alternative to take with you, we'll give all of you the key points of interest to settle on an acquiring choice. With that set up, lets start by taking a gander at the Bose Soundlink Color 2.

Bose Soundlink Color 2

Bose is known for their high constancy sound. Dissimilar to numerous Beats items Bose concentrates more on an adjusted blend. Still however with a speaker framework like the Soundlink Color 2 you can hope to get a conventional measure of bass activity. The recurrence run is great and these are certainly sufficiently noisy notwithstanding when not maximized volume astute. Through the tough flame broil you'll see that the music directs out amazingly well and the drivers that do this are to a great degree ground-breaking. In the event that you ever require more assortment in the sound you can utilize the Bose application to change between different preset EQ's. Set it up effectively for Classical, Jazz or Rap in a hurry with your cell phone!

This is in reality a conservative speaker and sufficiently convenient to take around with you anyplace. We adore that flexibility part of things. Also the Color 2 is IPX-4 waterproof for at whatever point you need to have a shoreline day. The catches are altogether situated on the thin best segment of the speakers. From that point you can alter the volume, control on the gadget associate by means of Bluetooth and significantly more. Alongside Bluetooth is the capacity to associate through NFC. One specific perfect element is that these speakers can be connected up to other Bose speakers. With that you can basically make your own little home performance center encompass sound set up as well. Or on the other hand regardless of whether it's a little gathering you can stream music from space to room which is magnificent.

Beats Pill +

The Beats Pill + is about as close a correlation we can get to the Soundlink Color 2. Beats undoubtedly goes up against an entirely different style from an outline point of view. Instead of a restricted and relatively rectangular structure, this speaker means to resemble an extensive pill. There's numerous advantages to having it molded along these lines. For one the sound ventures more unreservedly and you can truly put this speaker anyplace on account of it's size. It gauges in at 22 x 12.4 x 8.2 in so it's not extremely cumbersome by any means. You can hurl it in a sack or knapsack. The other advantage is that it's anything but difficult to bear and store in different areas on account of it's thin outline.

What the Beats Pill prides itself on is conveying extensive sound in a little bundle. These speakers are streamlined to draw sufficiently out sound to top off a whole live with rich sound. That is made conceivable in light of the fact that the speaker uses a stereo-dynamic two-way hybrid framework. So what precisely is that? Traverse frameworks work to extend the sound field so more elements are heard without losing any kind of clearness or range. That implies you can put these on the opposite side of the room and get a similar kind of pound in the bass frequencies without needing it appropriate beside you. Be that as it may if that is as yet insufficient for you then you can synchronize these up with a second Beats Pill speaker. A great many people who get a kick out of the chance to stroll around the home tuning in to music will love that element. These are Bluetooth speakers however like most incorporate 3.5mm line-in ports for manual tuning in.

Much like the Bose framework the Beats Pill is additionally altogether waterproof. Multi day at the pool, shoreline, and notwithstanding strolling in the rain won't hurt these speakers. They are fabricated extreme with quality review materials; certainly higher quality than their Solo HD earphones to be completely forthright with you. These are additionally simple to utilize speakers with a constrained measure of catches to make these prepared to go ideal out of the case. One thing we like is that the Beats Pill does not require steady battery energizing. The battery more often than not keeps going up to 12 hours off of a solitary charge. Regardless of whether you're in a surge you can utilize the included quick charging link. Generally you can get it up and running in only 3 hours.

Beats versus Bose Speaker – Which Should I Buy?

The reason we picked both of these speakers is on the grounds that they are almost indistinguishable. The huge contrasts boils down to measure, catch situation and in conclusion bass reaction. As a rule the Beats Pill + will be the more profound sounding alternative. On the off chance that you cherish Rap and Pop music and need to feel some additional pound at that point run with that model. Anyway the Bose Soundlink Color 2 is no sucker. This speaker is more taken into account an adjusted listening background, yet it can shake out on electronic music similarly too. There's additionally more catches to utilize and it has that convenient Bose application for EQ modifications. Both of these speakers can interface up with their separate brands. From an estimating point the Beats will normally run you more. A portion of that needs to do with marking, yet it's a genuine choice. There's likewise the Doss Soundbox XL to consider for an elective brand. Both of these are amazing speakers and we can suggest both!

Nearly everything — including excursions to the shoreline, picnics in the recreation center and grills — is better with music. Yet, to add a soundtrack to these exercises, you'll require compact speakers.

Obviously, you would prefer not to stall out with the wrong gadget. Cost and the sort of music you tune in to might be factors in your choice.

The Bose SoundLink and Beats Pill are great precedents of enormous sound in little bundles. We analyzed the highlights of every speaker and contrasted them with enable you to choose which is justified regardless of your buck.


Both Bose and Beats by Dre are prevalent sound brands that guarantee quality sound conveyed from a smoothly composed item, regardless of whether speakers or earphones.

Practically, the Bose SoundLink and the Beats Pill are the same. Both are convenient, Bluetooth-fit and pack a discernable punch for such conservative bodies. Every brag a long battery life and a wide, 30-foot network territory.

One factor that separates them is value: The Beats Pill retails at $199, and the Bose SoundLink will set you back $129. Both can be found for less on Amazon.

Bose SoundLink Beats Pill

Price $129 $199

Color Black, red, white, blue, mint Black, blue, pink, red, white, silver

Bluetooth compatible Yes Yes

Battery life 8 hours, battery-powered by means of USB port 7 hours, battery-powered through USB port

Weight 1.2 pounds 11.2 ounces

Unboxed Wall charger, USB charge link (case sold separately) Wall charger, USB charge link, sound link, convey case with carabiner

Purchase on Amazon


Beats Pill

Bose SoundLink Bose SoundLink

NerdWallet takes you shopping:

The Bose SoundLink is a compact speaker that originates from a brand with a long genealogy of sound advancement. Bose made its name through delivering amazing sound frameworks for homes, autos, proficient studios and travel.

The SoundLink carries on this convention by conveying clear, warm stable able to do high volumes. It's not intended to supplant an entire home theater framework, be that as it may; given its little size, despite everything it has its confinements. Clients said it can need bass. Putting it in a corner helps since lacking elbow room open up music by giving sound skip a chance to off of the dividers.

Bose's smaller than usual speaker is worked to movement with you. The 1.2-pound, tough body has adjusted edges to fit effectively in a sack or rucksack. The eight-hour battery life and wide network territory keep the music playing with no additional ropes to secure you.

Solid match for: First-time speaker purchasers. It's incredible for voyaging or playing music in littler spaces, both inside and outside. For audiophiles or those knowledgeable in Bose items, it isn't the best speaker, however with its conveyability and value, the SoundLink is a sufficient gadget for speaker fledglings.

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Beats Pill Beats Pill

NerdWallet takes you shopping:

The Beats Pill is almost equivalent with the SoundLink: It's convenient, attaches to your telephone and weighs not as much as a pound. The tube-formed Pill is agreeable close by, and the included carabiner can cut the speaker to a rucksack. A seven-hour battery life and Bluetooth network won't tie you to a power source.

Be that as it may, one inadequacy is sound quality. With the Pill, volume isn't an issue, however bass can be. Beats by Dr. Dre is a brand that prides itself on innovation that produces substantial bass. Be that as it may, a few client audits express the bass quality changes: Sometimes it's overwhelming; different occasions, there isn't sufficient.

One of a kind Pill include is the capacity to "match" with other Pill speakers. This enables clients to play their music through different Pill speakers at the same time. Every gadget has a sensor by the power catch to synchronize with others — all clients need to do is tap them together. This ability conveys Pill clients somewhat more like a home stereo framework — all things considered, two speakers are superior to one.

Solid match for:

Aficionados of Beats by Dre items. The Pill is a decent alternative for the individuals who know about the brand's earphones and need to play their music so anyone can hear. On account of its thin, lightweight plan, the Pill is a decent speaker for taking music in a hurry. While it sounds the best in littler spaces, having the capacity to adjust to different Beats speakers opens up the sound to make a more total stereo framework outside.

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Before you purchase:

Before you choose which speaker to buy, ensure your cell phone, tablet or other music player is Bluetooth-perfect. Despite the fact that both the SoundLink and Pill accompany sound links to connect to workstations and iPods, the remote network includes esteem.

The bass segment can be dangerous in the two speakers, however the sort of music you tune in to might improve one speaker for you than the other. Hip-jump and electronic music have a tendency to be more bass-overwhelming, so for them, the Pill may be a superior choice. In the event that you tune in to kinds that depend on instrumentation and acoustics, for example, people or soul music, think about the SoundLink.

In some cases, we have to go promote inside and out.

To commence this new component, we concluded that we would return to a standout amongst the most well-known inquiries we see: "which should I purchase, the Beats Pill or the Bose SoundLink Mini?" By the finish of this article, the appropriate response ought to be more than self-evident.

Refresh 7/15: There is another form of Bose – See our Bose SoundLink Mini 2 survey

Assemble and Design

There are a great deal of terrible things about the Beats Pill 2.0, and don't stress, we'll get to those shortly, however one thing you can't thump is the plan. It does in reality resemble a curiously large pill, just with a level foot on the base to shield it from moving off the table. It's smooth, marginally hip, and it's accessible in a cluster of fun hues.


The Bose SoundLink Mini then again, well, is a Bose item. The organization isn't precisely known for their strong outline decisions, settling on the more protected and held look in about each precedent. At the point when the organization tries to go for a "better time" look, you wind up with something like the organization's FreeStyle earbuds which sounded decent beyond any doubt, however looked more like some jeans from the 1990s than something you needed to wear on your head. Taking a gander at the SoundLink Mini, allows simply be upbeat the organization chose to keep it basic.

bose-soundlink-smaller than usual sg-2While Beats may have the favorable position with regards to looks, it doesn't take the win in the manufacture office. The Pill may be wobbly, however it's no place close as strong as the SoundLink Mini. Of course, this has a slight drawback in that it's heavier, however you could utilize the SoundLink Mini in lieu of a sledge throughout the day, at that point turn it on to impact a few tunes. It may gaze a little scraped upward, yet it would survive. The Pill wouldn't be so fortunate.

Champ: Bose SoundLink Mini


The two speakers offer Bluetooth network with around a 30 ft go. Both likewise offer a 3.5 mm aux-in jack for stopping your most loved non-Bluetooth gadgets in. Matching is genuinely simple with both, however Beats gets a point for permitting NFC blending — something you can't do with the SoundLink Mini. While checking on the two speakers, dropouts and stammers were uncommon, even while pushing the points of confinement of the 30 ft go, however the Beats Pill 2.0 had a tendency to totally drop the association for a minute, while the SoundLink Mini would basically falter a bit until the point when I got once more into extend.

bose-soundlink-smaller than normal sg-4

Taking a gander at the controls, the race warms up. While the Bose SoundLink Mini offer more catches, even to the point of giving devoted quiet and Bluetooth catches, it totally needs playback controls. The Beats Pill 2.0 then again has less catches, however it packs greater usefulness into its multifunction catch which controls playback by means of an arrangement of twofold and triple taps. The Beats Pill 2.0 additionally offers speakerphone usefulness which the SoundLink Mini needs, yet call quality was so unpleasant utilizing the Pill that it should not have offered the usefulness by any means.


Bose does less with the SoundLink Mini, however is by and large better at the couple of things it does. Beats offers more choices, yet is for the most part more hazardous with regards to dropouts and call quality.

Victor: Tie

Battery Life

Both the Pill 2.0 and the SoundLink Mini case up to 7 long stretches of recess, so for once, we're beginning on genuinely measure up to balance. With playback time being the same, it will come down to charging. We should begin with Bose.

bose-soundlink-smaller than normal sg-5

The SoundLink Mini completes a ton of things right, however it pulls a great Bose with regards to charging. The main charging strategy is through the included divider charger, which means at whatever point you're out of juice it's a great opportunity to search for an outlet and expectation you pressed the charger.

The Beats Pill 2.0, then again, does the rational thing and permits USB charging, utilizing the smaller scale USB standard that now is ubiquitous to the point that the included USB link is scarcely even important. Without a doubt, the Bose SoundLink Mini has a small scale USB port on the back, however it's solitary utilize it to connect the speaker to a PC to refresh its product.


Beats even goes above and beyond and incorporates a standard measured port on the back of the speaker, enabling you to utilize the Pill to charge your cell phones. Certainly, this will deplete the gadget's modest battery considerably quicker, yet it's as yet decent to have in case you're amidst no place with a dead telephone and a charged speaker.

Champ: Beats Pill 2.0

Sound Quality

We're three adjusts in, thus far, it appears like a nearby diversion. Sadly, this is the time when things start to snowball.

bose-soundlink-smaller than normal sg-2

Both of these speakers are genuinely little in estimate and in this way can't would like to contrast with their bigger kin, however there's an unmistakable distinction between the two: the Bose SoundLink Mini beyond any doubt doesn't sound little. Bass is clearly restricted by the physical size of the speaker, however between mid-bass and the lower midrange, there is a decent profundity to a large portion of the lower scope of frequencies. Highs are free of the rolloff that is so normal on speakers in this size, yet at the same time, they never solid unforgiving or domineering even as you push the volume higher. Also, that reminds me, the SoundLink Mini can get truly noisy; astonishingly along these lines, thinking about the size.


The Beats Pill 2.0, then again, sounds like what I constantly anticipated that those units would transform a cigarette pack into a guitar intensifier would seem like. I've really shielded Beats on a significant number events, yet when I attempted this speaker out of the blue, I was just overwhelmed yet how totally, unashamedly ba dit sounded. Bass is almost non-existent, mids are then again blaring and woofy-sounding, and the highs are all the while unforgiving and ailing in detail. For the last nail in the box, it doesn't get uproarious.

Basically, there is no challenge here.

Champ: Bose SoundLink Mini


The two organizations in this correlation have a considerable amount of spoilers. There are the individuals who swear that any individual who purchases a Beats item is doing as such as a design articulation, and there are the individuals who just need to hear a solitary specify of Bose to run out their most loved tired appellation: "No highs, no lows, must be Bose." Both of these kinds of individuals are wrong: the previous likely hasn't heard a Beats item since the organization split with Monster and the last presumably hasn't heard a Bose item since the '90s.

All things considered, for this situation, Bose is unmistakably the victor. We've seen a lot of speakers in the Bose SoundLink Mini's value run that test it as far as highlights, sound quality, battery life, or construct quality, and some of them are far and away superior inside and out. The Beats Pill 2.0 isn't one of those speakers.


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