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Asus Zenfone 5Z review

In the age of thousand-dollar cell phones it's decent to have more moderate alternatives. The Asus Zenfone 5Z offers a great exhibit of highlights and lead specs yet costs a large portion of the cost of Apple's iPhone X or Samsung's Galaxy Note 9.

Normally there are bargains hiding here, past the subsidiary structure, yet there's sufficient proceeding to make this a convincing prospect for anybody looking for another cell phone. In case you're the sort of individual who demands off-mark grain tastes similarly as great, at that point the Asus Zenfone 5Z is for you.
Asus Zenfone 5Z apps


At first look, you can undoubtedly confuse this telephone with the iPhone X — that is no mishap. At the point when the Zenfone 5 was uncovered at Mobile World Congress recently, it provoked us to inquire as to for what reason are Android telephone producers grasping the score? They're aping Apple's structure, yet when you look somewhat nearer, you'll see some essential contrasts.

First of all, the score — which cuts into the 6.2-inch show — is somewhat littler. There's likewise a discernible bezel at the base of the screen. Flip the telephone over and there's a unique finger impression sensor amidst the back. The double camera sensor sits at the upper left, yet the blaze module is only beneath rather than inside it. The base edge is home to a USB Type-C port and an earphone jack, while the correct edge houses the power catch with a volume rocker above it.

Asus Zenfone 5Z indent

Asus Zenfone 5Z unique mark sensor

Asus Zenfone 5Z camera focal point

Asus Zenfone 5Z applications

In case you're not comfortable with the details of cell phone plan, you could without much of a stretch error the Zenfone 5Z for an iPhone X, and in excess of one individual inquired as to whether it was Apple's leader amid the principal week we were utilizing it.

It's a significant enormous telephone, however we thought that it was agreeable to utilize one-gave. The glass sandwich configuration is normal, however it means falls are heart-halting in the event that you don't have a case. Fortunately, Asus gives an unmistakable case in the container with the Zenfone 5Z.

At first look, you could without much of a stretch mix-up this telephone for Apple's iPhone X — that is no mishap.

With a goals of 2,246 x 1,080 pixels and an uncommon 19:9 perspective proportion, this isn't the best showcase around, however we thought that it was splendid and lucid much of the time. As an IPS LCD screen, it does not have the profound blacks of driving OLED screens, and hues can seem washed out now and again. It is anything but an awful showcase by any stretch of the creative energy, yet it can't coordinate the AMOLED in maybe its nearest rival – the OnePlus 6.

We're not huge enthusiasts of the indent, but rather it very well may be covered up in the event that you favor. Asus is a long way from the main maker seeking after this sort of plan, and the Zenfone 5Z astounded us by illustration respecting looks and remarks from individuals.

Asus has pressed in double speakers, which are astonishingly noisy for a telephone. The Zenfone 5Z is additionally Hi-Res Audio (HRA) confirmed, and we're happy to see an earphone jack. Audiophiles can delve into the custom equalizer to change the sound in the event that they so want.


Much the same as about each other leader Android telephone discharged for the current year, the Asus Zenfone 5Z depends on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor, which is sponsored by an adequate 6GB of RAM. This is a bursting quick cell phone as the benchmark results recommend:

AnTuTu 3DBench: 269,332

Geekbench 4 CPU: 2,448 single-center; 8,995 multi-center

3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 3,779 (Vulkan)

Samsung's profitability powerhouse — the Galaxy Note 9 — scored 273,992 in AnTuTu, yet it costs truly twofold the cost of the Zenfone 5Z. A closer contender at just $30 more is the OnePlus 6, which scored 269,191 in AnTuTu. Every one of the three of these telephones pack a similar processor, so the practically identical execution shouldn't be a major astonishment. Albeit great, the Asus Zenfone 5Z isn't the least expensive telephone we've utilized as of late that offers this sort of intensity – the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S got fundamentally the same as scores and can be transported in for $400.


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There's much more to a telephone than the crude power it packs. While looking around and bouncing all through applications and diversions was commonly smooth with the Zenfone 5Z — and it ran all that we attempted gracefully — there were periodic hiccups that prevented it from sparkling.

The Zenfone 5Z experienced no difficulty with recreations like Tiny Tower and PUBG: Mobile, however Shadowgun: Legends was somewhat uneven on occasion. It ran well once it went ahead, however we did likewise see the back of the Zenfone 5Z got hot to the touch following 10 minutes of impacting outsiders.

Precarious SOFTWARE

Our Zenfone 5Z audit unit smashed amid setup, which would be more justifiable in the event that it was provided well ahead of time of discharge, yet this telephone is at a bargain now and sports the last programming. We figured we may be in a bad position, however fortunately, that was the main accident we've experienced up until now.

It runs Android 8.0 Oreo out of the crate and the most recent security fix is from June 5 this year. We have an old S7 Edge that has just been refreshed to a similar Android variant, however has a more up to date security fix, so we can't resist feeling somewhat baffled in Asus. Perhaps Android 9.0 Pie would be excessively to expect, however the OnePlus 6 is running Android 8.1 and turned out a very long time before the 5Z. This doesn't look good for future updates, however Asus has guaranteed the Zenfone 5Z will get Android 9.0 Pie.

asus zenfone 5z survey screen home

asus zenfone 5z survey screen cover

asus zenfone 5z survey screen zenimoji

asus zenfone 5z survey screen camera

You'll discover ZenUI 5.0 over the Android stage, and it's genuinely alluring. It has been downsized contrasted with past renditions, yet there are still a significant number additional applications of questionable value like Mobile Manager and Selfie Master. There are additionally a few changes in the settings, which look a ton like Samsung's Experience UI with wireframe shading symbols over white.

Two things more than once irritated us about the Asus programming: Firstly, the battery symbol is excessively near the time at the upper right of the warning bar. It might sound unimportant, yet it's something you can't unsee and it truly irritated us, particularly since it's so pointless.

In case you're searching for the bargains that enable this telephone to cost half what the iPhone X does, at that point programming is the place you discover them.

The other issue was the consistent pop-ups about Page Marker. We didn't know what Page Marker was, and a pursuit in the application cabinet uncovered no outcomes. Turns out it's a Chrome add-on for sparing website pages to peruse disconnected, and we could find it in the settings and flip it off, however before we did there were visit warnings about it running out of sight.

Asus likewise offers Twin Apps, which is convenient on the off chance that you have in excess of one record for something like Facebook as it enables you to utilize both at the same time. There additionally a BeautyLive choice on the off chance that you need to apply one of those skin-smoothing, eye-broadening magnificence channels over your face and stream progressively.

In case you're searching for the bargains that enable this telephone to cost half what the iPhone X does, at that point programming is the place you discover them. It's easily overlooked details. Once in a while the adjusted warning cards would be squared off, or an overlay would spring up when it shouldn't and strife with what was underneath. There's only an absence of clean and the odd visual glitches feel like a mistake of the veil that uncover the less expensive telephone underneath.
There is a face open alternative that utilizes the selfie camera to open the telephone. It works quickly if there's sufficient light, and it's helpful. Be that as it may, there were events it mysteriously didn't work by any stretch of the imagination, even in great light, and Asus lets it out's not the most secure technique for opening your telephone. There is an impeccably decent unique mark sensor on the back in the event that you would prefer not to utilize the face open, so it is anything but a major issue.


The camera has turned into an essential battleground for top of the line cell phones as of late and it's one of the fundamental zones where the hole between a $1,000 telephone and something a large portion of the value, similar to the Zenfone 5Z, can frequently be felt.

Asus is ticking all the crates here with a double focal point principle camera that consolidates a 12-megapixel focal point with a f/1.8 opening and a wide-edge 8-megapixel focal point with a f/2.2 gap.

asus zenfone 5z audit photograph net

asus zenfone 5z audit photograph bicycle

The fundamental focal point includes Sony's lead IMX363 sensor with optical picture adjustment, and we know it's fit for incredible things, yet much relies upon the tuning and programming. We were satisfied with the outcomes the Zenfone 5Z camera gathered, especially outside in great lighting.

Points of interest are caught in the entirety of their magnificence, and the HDR truly kicks in on a few shots to demonstrate the mind boggling light in the sky standing out from glimmering waves in the ocean. The shading rectification additionally functions admirably, as most shots caught the regular hues we were seeing.

We were likewise inspired with the low-light execution, however there's unavoidably more clamor. The Zenfone 5Z is commonly quick to snap a shot, however the screen speed drops in low light to wring the best outcomes out of your condition. It implies there's to a greater degree an interruption and you should attempt to keep still, or you'll make some haze, however photographs in dull conditions are superior to anything we anticipated.

asus zenfone 5z survey wide 1

asus zenfone 5z survey wide 2

Changing to the wide-edge focal point drastically drops the nature of your photographs. It's a pleasant alternative to have, yet everything looks foggy by correlation with the primary focal point and it can't adapt to solid complexity among light and dull territories.

There's additionally a representation mode with a basic slider that gives you a chance to control the central length. It's not impeccable, but rather in case you're enthusiastic about representation shots with that obscured foundation, bokeh impact, the Zenfone 5Z conveys as a rule and it's anything but difficult to utilize.

asus zenfone 5z audit representation 4

asus zenfone 5z audit representation 3

asus zenfone 5z audit representation 1

asus zenfone 5z audit representation 2

With Pro mode, you can dig into the camera abilities and finetune everything to suit your requirements, which is a decent alternative. Asus additionally says that there is man-made consciousness scene location at work in the programmed mode off camera here, yet since it doesn't demonstrate its activities, it's difficult to tell what improvement it makes.

The forward looking camera is a 8-megapixel issue with a f/2.0 opening and it's flawlessly sufficient for selfies and video calls. It does likewise have a product based picture mode, however it's bad, regularly obscuring the wrong spots. Asus additionally offers ZeniMoji, which springs up amid video calls or when you're gushing. It enables you to talk as a character, similar to an owl or feline, however it doesn't work anyplace close and also Apple's Animoji or even Samsung's AR Emoji.

The Zenfone 5Z camera is a noteworthy advance up from most mid-run telephones.

The Zenfone 5Z camera is a noteworthy advance up from most mid-run telephones. In a shootout with the iPhone X or Huawei P20 Pro, you may perceive any reason why those gadgets are more costly, however this camera conveys a considerable measure at the cost and we figure it will please a great many people.


Asus has stuffed a 3,300mAh battery into the Zenfone 5Z, and it by and large observed us during that time with somewhat left in the tank.

With ordinary utilize, which is likely very overwhelming by normal models, we for the most part had something like 20 or 30 percent left at 10 p.m. thus daily charging was a need. We utilize booked Do Not Disturb and found the Zenfone 5Z just lost 4 percent medium-term.

There's no help for remote charging, which is somewhat baffling as the glass configuration would suit it. It fortunately bolsters Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 innovation, and can energize immediately when connected with the gave charger — it went from zero to full in under two hours.


The Asus Zenfone 5Z costs $500 and you can get it from Amazon at this moment. It will deal with GSM systems like AT&T and T-Mobile, yet not on CDMA systems like Verizon or Sprint. Lamentably, it doesn't at present help T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling highlight.

Asus offers a standard year guarantee for the Asus Zenfone 5Z which covers producing imperfections and flaws.


The Asus Zenfone 5Z packs in a great deal for the cash. It's quick and highlights a proficient camera, yet there are bargains prowling in the product.

Is there a superior option?

Truly. The most clear contender for the Asus Zenfone 5Z is the OnePlus 6 which offers an OLED screen and a more elevated amount of clean, for just $30 more. It's a marginally better telephone.

On the off chance that cash is tight, investigate the Nokia 6.1 or the Moto G6, the two of which can be had for under $300. You can take in more in our best modest telephones direct. In the event that you're willing to spend more, investigate the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or the Google Pixel 2.

To what extent will it last?

You ought to have the capacity to get a few years out of the Zenfone 5Z on the off chance that you care for it. Asus has guaranteed it will in any event be refreshed to Android 9.0 Pie, however we're questionable to what extent that will take and what, assuming any, refreshes it will get past that. The telephone is enclosed by glass, so a case is important to guarantee drop security, and there's no IP-evaluated water obstruction.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed, yet just on the off chance that you have a hard limit of $500 for your next telephone and you would prefer not to purchase the OnePlus 6. The Zenfone 5Z is a decent option.


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