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Huawei Honor View 20 review

"Alluring" isn't the main word that springs to mind when considering Honor cell phones, however amazingly, it really fits the Honor View 20 great. What's more, is there any good reason why it shouldn't? With an eye-getting plan, an eager camera and one of the world's first broadly accessible opening punch shows, the View 20 appears to be all around prepared to take on opponent gadgets from organizations like OnePlus and Xiaomi. The way that it just expenses around $600 is simply what tops off an already good thing.
Honor View 20 review

Great plan and manufacture quality

Multi-day battery life

Generally extraordinary execution

Demonstrates opening punch shows aren't awful

Simulated intelligence Ultra Clarity photographs are astonishingly nitty gritty


Huawei's product still needs clean

Show has some touch dormancy

Flawed US dispatch plans

No water opposition or remote charging

Customary camera experience


In spite of a sticker price far lower than that of top of the line lead telephones, Huawei's Honor View 20 packs a bunch of forward-looking highlights that a few people will probably utilize immediately. There's that 6.4-inch show that demonstrates that existence with gap punched screens won't be so awful. Furthermore, the 48-megapixel double camera framework has loads of potential (particularly its super-fresh Ultra Clarity mode), regardless of whether it's just barely OK as a rule. There's no deficiency of intensity here either, on account of Huawei's Kirin 980 chipset, and you very likely won't be stuck in an unfortunate situation on the off chance that you neglect to charge your View 20 every so often. On the whole, the View 20 is an enticing bundle at the cost, and one that is well worth investigating if its all the same to you every so often odd programming, insignificant water obstruction, and don't live in the US.

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Obviously, not every person will find the opportunity to utilize one. Respect, in case you're not commonplace, is a brand fabricated and claimed by Huawei, the Chinese hardware mammoth that is as of now confronting genuine legitimate weight from the United States government. Huawei's arrangements to convey the Honor View 20 to the US were truly undefined even under the steady gaze of those claims were recorded, and now, we'd be astonished if this telephone showed up in North America at any point in the near future. That is excessively awful. Cell phone producers of all stripes are caught up with making premium gadgets with progressively sensible sticker prices, however few of them pack the charm and specialized clever that the View 20 does.

Equipment and Design

We're suckers for pretty equipment, and the View 20 unquestionably possesses all the necessary qualities. It doesn't take long for the telephone's structure to suck you in, either: the main thing you'll see is the telephone's shining glass back, designed with the goal that light refracts in a mark V design. I'm a fan (particularly of the red model Honor didn't give us), however I can perceive how it would fall off somewhat pompous to a few. State what you will about Huawei, yet few cell phone producers are as goal-oriented with regards to creating new wraps up. That glass back likewise houses the smart back mounted unique mark sensor and a whopper of a double camera.

Respect View 20 survey

What's more, obviously, we have to discuss this presentation. The race is on to dispense with the dead space around cell phone screens, and if 2018 was the time of the indent, 2019 is outfitting to be the time of the gap punch. The cut-out houses a 25-megapixel forward looking camera and, similar to scores before it, you'll more likely than not quit seeing it after a short time. What's more, normally, it occupies considerably less room than a "conventional" indent - having a screen that extends altogether over the telephone's face merits the gentle unusual quality of seeing a gap cut out of a corner.

It helps that Huawei has commonly worked superbly ensuring the camera opening never truly acts as a burden. Symbols that spring up in the notice bar are moved somewhat to one side, and when all is said in done, the product here is sufficiently brilliant to shield the opening from clouding pivotal UI components. In the event that it turns out the gap truly isn't your thing, however, it very well may be darkened altogether with a dark bar.

Exhibition: Honor View 20 audit | 11 Photos


As tale as this indent less structure seems to be, the 6.4-inch IPS board that really encompasses that camera opening abandons us with somewhat less to get amped up for. This LCD keeps running at 2310 x 1080, and keeping in mind that it's a long way from the most out and out noteworthy screen I've at any point utilized, it has been sufficiently charming in everyday use. Amid my seven day stretch of testing, I never experienced difficulty perusing or encircling up photographs on the View 20 with no attempt at being subtle, and its hues are genuinely punchy for a LCD, as well. Indeed, the point some would contend they're excessively punchy - fortunately, there are alternatives to tune the shading mode and temperature.

No doubt the View 20 is a striking gadget to see. All the more critically, the telephone is astoundingly agreeable to utilize. Different gadgets in this value run, similar to the astounding OnePlus 6T, include glass backs and thin edges that make the telephone progressively hard to hold. The View 20's edges are somewhat thicker, and for me at any rate, it has a perceptible effect in strength. Balancing the bundle is a better than average single speaker that experiences a similar issue as most telephone speakers: it's tolerably boisterous however comes up short on any profundity. In any case, celebrate! Huawei incorporated a standard earphone jack.

The greatest thump against the View 20's equipment is its of absence of remote charging and IP-evaluated water and residue opposition. I can excuse the previous, however as somebody who has suffocated something like one telephone just by running in the downpour, Huawei's guarantees of sprinkle obstruction don't fill me with much certainty.

Being used

The View 20 has considerably more putting it all on the line than simply great looks. Tucked inside is one of Huawei's 980 chipsets, that conveys genuine speed/and/extremely noteworthy battery life. By and large execution relies upon what form of the View 20 you're working with, however: our survey unit has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of capacity, while the more affordable base model ships in a 6GB/128GB design.

Accordingly, you shouldn't be astounded to hear that this rendition of the View 20 for the most part runs like a fantasy. My day by day schedule has never turned out to be much inconvenience for powerful gadgets like this; at some random time, you'll presumably discover me shooting messages, playing music in Spotify, triaging my Gmail record and the sky is the limit from there. On the off chance that anything, the View 20 got all the more an exercise once the work finished.
When diving into some really humiliating PUBG and Fortnite matches, the Kirin 980 and its Mali G76 GPU kept things running fantastically easily, to the point where I didn't see a solitary dropped outline in either diversion. This doesn't come as a colossal astonishment, particularly where Fortnite is concerned: when the telephone formally propelled at an impressive press occasion in Paris, Huawei said would be the principal Android gadget to run the amusement at 60FPS). Furthermore, when such run-and-firearm embarrassment was finished, the View 20 agilely kept up while investigating the lavish universes of Another Eden. These graphical burdens didn't frustrate the telephone one piece, and not once did I considerably consider starting up the View 20's "execution" mode. This component permits the Kirin 980 to run full-throttle with little regard for battery life and gadget temperature, yet the choice scarcely feels vital here.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

This isn't to imply that everything is immaculate here. Like other Huawei telephones however, there's a modest postponement between the minute you swipe the screen and when the interface really responds. I'm not actually beyond any doubt whether this dormancy is because of Huawei's product or if it's an issue with the touchscreen. When all is said in done, the moment slack isn't sufficiently irritating to occupy from whatever task is within reach, however it remains as an unmistakable difference to gadgets like the Pixel 3 and the OnePlus 6T, where that sort of information slack scarcely exists by any means.

By and large, the Kirin 980 chipset offers for the most part amazing execution, and it's sufficient to give any Snapdragon 845 gadget a keep running for their cash. In light of the manner in which the chipset's eight centers were planned, they additionally press a ton of battery life from the View 20's 4,000mAh cell. Following an entire day of incessant use, the View 20 would routinely have 40 to 50 percent left in its battery when it was the ideal opportunity for bed. In the event that you just utilize your telephone sporadically, you could without much of a stretch pull off charging the View 20 each other day — possibly every three days, in case you're fortunate.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Lamentably, a portion of Huawei's product choices haul down this generally amazing equipment. The View 20 ships with Android 9.0 Pie and that would be incredible news on the off chance that it weren't painted over so altogether with the Honor Magic UI. Truly, I don't know why Huawei tried giving this interface an alternate name at all since it's basically indistinguishable to the EMUI 9.0 interface the organization appeared on the Mate 20 Pro. That wouldn't be an issue if EMUI wasn't so stupid now and again.

For example, lock screen notices can be kind of a wreck. Of course, you're just appeared most recent notices, not the full rundown that have come in since you last checked. Fine, I can see the method of reasoning there. My greatest issue up until this point however has been with Gmail: Even the application pre-introduced and completely useful, I've never gotten a warning on my lock screen. A brisk excursion to the telephone's warning settings uncovered the issue: there was, out of the blue, no real way to push Gmail notices to the lock screen. Past that, collaborating with things on the lock screen requires a dreary twofold tap - you were most likely happier simply opening the telephone inside and out. Goodness, and our audit unit experiences a bug where Android's route keys move to one side somewhat subsequent to pivoting the telephone from scene to representation. It's a minor thing, however tender loving care matters, individuals. On the off chance that I were you, I'd exchange this not really Magic UI for an elective launcher ASAP.

The camera

In the event that you've thought about purchasing a camera in the previous fifteen or so years, somebody has presumably revealed to you that more megapixels don't really make for better photographs. The equivalent is valid for cell phone cameras, however I need to give Huawei some acknowledgment for crushing a 48-megapixel Sony camera sensor into the View 20. It's all out needless excess, however it's enjoyable.

All things considered, however, you won't shoot 48-megapixel stills directly out of the container — nor should you be. The View 20's camera shoots at 12-megapixels naturally, and since the telephone protuberances numerous pixels on the sensor to go about as greater individual pixels, the subsequent pictures are extremely strong, even in low light. Hues are lovely enough (particularly with the AI camera mode empowered) and when all is said in done, there's more detail to be found while pixel-peeping a 12-megapixel View 20 photograph than with one taken by, state, an iPhone XS. Exchanging into the full 48-megapixel mode implies you'll end up with bigger records, however I haven't seen a significant contrast in quality between the telephone's 12MP and 48MP photographs - the last simply given you a chance to zoom in additional.

48MP still (left) versus 48 AI Ultra Clarity still (right)

That all progressions once you fire up the camera's AI Ultra Clarity mode. To get the most itemized pictures conceivable, the telephone shoots and joins a bunch of 48-megapixel exposures into a solitary shot — consider it Huawei's broadly useful interpretation of Night Mode. Given enough light and enduring hands the outcomes can be astoundingly fresh.

I've spent the previous week evaluating some Ultra Clarity shots and arbitrarily zooming around to perceive how readable moment subtleties were, thus far, the contrivance hasn't gotten old. Indeed, even costly leads can't generally stay aware of the View 20 — 48-megapixels is a great deal of information, all things considered, and the manner in which Ultra Clarity join those exposures together adds some new measurements to the last photographs. The element does, be that as it may, have its admonitions: shooting a Ultra Clarity photograph takes five seconds (in a perfect world, nothing in the casing moves amid this period), and if your hands move excessively much, a portion of those fine subtleties could be smoothed out into blankness.

The greater inquiry here is whether the majority of this additional detail this sensor catches at last makes for better pictures, and the appropriate response is "not by any stretch of the imagination." Ultra Clarity photographs are undoubtedly exceedingly amazing when the conditions are correct, however the measure of time expected to shoot them implies you most likely won't utilize the component always. The View 20's standard 48-megapixel photographs truly definite themselves, however (as referenced) the telephone's 12-megapixel stills for the most part turn out somewhat more pleasant. Also, generally speaking, photographs taken with gadgets like the Pixel 3 include all the more satisfying hues and dynamic range - despite the fact that those documents don't highlight a similar dimension of detail, they're the ones I'd want to take a gander at all the more regularly. The old shrewdness remains constant: goals isn't all that matters.

Exhibition: Honor View 20 camera tests (12MP) | 16 Photos


Obviously, that 48-megapixel camera isn't the only one. It's joined by an auxiliary time-of-flight sensor that is intended to improve the View 20 at detaching faces in representations. The camera works admirably of detaching the subject from its experience, however it's not constantly extraordinary at making sense of where an article's edges are, and the outcomes aren't a lot to keep in touch with home about. The most fascinating — and hazardous — utilization of this season of-flight sensor is in a stunner mode called "Forming" that makes individuals look more slender. Yowser.

The 25-megapixel front camera is additional confirmation that goals isn't all that matters. You'll have to discover brilliant, notwithstanding lighting to get the best outcomes, as things watch out for very get grainy something else. That is valid for all forward looking cameras, however I was trusting Huawei would most likely work some product enchantment and transform every one of the 25 megapixels of information into something better than expected. I wasn't right: the outcomes here were normal, best case scenario, and I'd take a Pixel 3's selfie camera quickly, lower goals be accursed. I value Huawei's lukewarm endeavor to improve selfies by tossing more pixels at the issue, yet perhaps an increasingly regular methodology would've been something more.


Superficially in any event, the Honor View 20 appears the cell phone fan's cell phone. It's wonderfully constructed, packs some genuine drive, and that opening punch show offers a sample of the not so distant future — that is not a terrible bundle for $600. Indeed, Huawei's occasionally awkward futzing with Android Pie implies is anything but an incredible decision for Google idealists (those people would be ideally serviced by a Pixel 3 or an OnePlus 6T) and more often than not that oft-advertised camera is great, not extraordinary. In the event that you live in a piece of the world that hasn't totally boycotted Huawei equipment, the View 20 is a commendable, if not shocking, choice.

For the time being, at any rate, proceeded with pressure among Huawei and the US government implies the chances of having the capacity to get one of these in a major box store become slimmer constantly. While those of us in North America likely won't encounter what the View 20 conveys to the table at any point in the near future, we'll still most likely profit by the telephone's discharge somewhere else — somehow or another, Huawei increased current standards for what's in store from a top of the line, minimal effort cell phone, and we're certain to see different organizations take action accordingly this year.


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